20Th Anniversary Ltd



To celebrate the Cicognani Engineering’s 20th anniversary, we let Guglielmo dreams about a perfect Echosex 2°
completely focused on Guitar use, simulating a perfectly restored Binson Unit.
This run in a limited numbered series of only 500 units.
- Custom colour with “Martellato” finishing.
- Max. Delay as a standard Binson with the “Gilmour Mod near to 440ms.
- More focus on Guitar use (fitted input impedance)
- More Clarity

Let it shine and guide you to the most psychedelic zone you ever heard

File name
Echosex 2° LTD User's Manual.pdf
Power In 9-12VDC Max.
Comsuption Max 290mA
Input Impedance <1M Ohm
Input Level 1,2 Vpp Max.
Input Attenuation 0/-10db
Output Impedance <100K Ohm
Output Level 0/+4db
Mix Level 50% max.
S/N Ratio <80db.
Tube Type 12AX7B Gurus
Width 165mm.
Length 125mm.
Height 35mm.
Weight 0,7Kgs

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